Guide to choosing the ideal video baby monitor

Guide to choosing the ideal video baby monitor

Still called baby camera, the video baby monitor is a remote monitoring device that you absolutely must register on your birth list 2 in 1 bouncer and swing. Better than a classic baby monitor, which only sends you back to the noises in the baby’s room, the video baby monitor allows you to observe everything that is happening there in real time. Supporting images and sounds, you can make sure your baby is sleeping safely and in top condition.

There is therefore no doubt about the usefulness of the video baby monitor, especially for young parents. But you still have to find the right model. The offer available on the market is so rich that one could get lost in it. Between video baby monitors with their own monitor and those that can be used with a phone or tablet, you are sure to find the perfect option, thanks to this guide entirely dedicated to video baby monitors.

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What is a video baby monitor used for?

Like the audio baby monitor, the video baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby from a distance. Composed of two units, it allows you to keep an eye on your little one and stay tuned to his every move. Unlike the classic baby monitor, it is not just baby sounds and cries that reach you, but also images.

The video baby monitor allows more efficient monitoring of your little one. You don’t need to be his room all the time to know exactly what’s going on there. Using a video baby monitor increases your toddler’s safety and gives you peace of mind when you are going about other occupations or are away from baby.

At what age to start and until what age to use video surveillance?

For young parents, the baby monitor presents itself as an ally of choice, from the birth of the baby. His first months of life are considered the most sensitive and hectic. Nothing is too much trouble to ensure that he spends more than 15 hours of sleep, on average, in the best conditions. By adopting the baby monitor early on, you will have peace of mind when you retire to the next room or downstairs (for multi-story houses), to enjoy a nap or to go to school.

In addition, this is to be believed that there is no maximum age for using the video baby monitor. It all depends on your needs and the features implemented in the device. The baby monitor can however be maintained until the child is ready to sleep like an adult, or even well beyond.

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Video baby monitor or classic baby monitor?

Buying a baby monitor for remote baby monitoring is the eternal indecision. Above all, the choice between one or the other of these safety devices must take into account your needs, your child’s habits, and to some extent the budget you wish to allocate, the video baby monitor generally being more than The classic.

He is more sophisticated than the latter, which is content to send back baby crying and the slightest noise to his room. The video baby monitor goes further and allows you to observe it in real time. This more advanced functionality induces an emission of more important waves than the audio model. In addition to the risk of baby overexposure to electromagnetic waves, baby camera have less range.